Austin’s 9 Practical Tips for Housekeeping

Housekeeping is never an easy task. For that , here’s what company of Maidsway did, They sent 10 austin house cleaning tips that will make the work fast and hassle free.

1. Clean greasy cutlery

Knife or spoon with butter: It is a clean country, right? Soak the loofah, scrub everything … Before washing, remove the excess with the bag of bread, or a bag, a piece of paper.

2. Trash with lots of volume

When throwing in the trash with the box of milk, bottle of soda, bottle of detergent, anything of too much volume, organized it first, as much as you can, so it will not take up all the space in your trash can. Unless you want an austin maid services do that work for you.

3. When to throw liquid things in the trash

Cooked beans, rice, or anything that leaks and leaves the stinky garbage, put it in a grocery bag based on the guide of house cleaning austin – then throw it in the trash. If possible, place outside the house to avoid bad odor.

4. Clean Blender

If you hit something that does not stick, juice type, when finished put detergent, water and turn on. Then a sponge of light and ready, is already clean. If you leave it to clean after the dirt has stuck, that’s a lot of work!

7. Dirty cups

Do not leave any coffee in the white cups. Pour a little of the water if you wash it afterwards. If it is soiled, if it is already soiled, leave it to soak for a while with bleach, it will be white – even for any white utensil, even the blender.

8. Save time by cleaning, organizing

Always try to make sure you do not leave something out of place, enjoy it when you go to a room and take the belongings there. For example: You are in the room and have glasses scattered, then go to the kitchen to drink water, take advantage and take it all. With this, on the day of the residential cleaning in austin, you gain time, and although the house is not clean, gives the impression of being tidy.

9. Polish the furniture and Carpet, yes!

Besides leaving the furniture more beautiful and shiny, it makes the dust does not stick, in this case you do not need to wipe a wet cloth (that spoils), just shake with a mop and the dirt will leave. Also don’t leave the carpet behind. Take your time and do austin carpet cleaning more often. Clean and polish furniture and carpets every 6 months.