In the US, they highly value the reliability of Soviet and Russian pistols

American military expert Kyle Mizokami highly appreciated the TT and PM pistols developed in the Soviet Union, and also approvingly commented on the Russian PY-pistol Yarygin. First of all – the reliability and reliability of the triggers, which allow the shooters to fire in any conditions.

Externally, “Tula Tokarev” was utilitarian and unattractive – in other words, very fitting with Soviet military aesthetics. Like most Soviet weapons, it was extremely simple to use and reliable, although due to the lack of a fuse it was necessary to closely monitor, in order to prevent an accidental shot

– quotes the portal We Arethe Mighty military expert.

Note that the TT pistol developed in 1933 showed excellent killer force (bullet speed – 455 meters per second), high firing range (bullet flight distance – 1650 meters) and good combability during the tests at the testing range. The weapon did not give a single malfunction or misfires during rapid shooting after immersion in water and sand. Until 1952, only in the USSR was released about two million TT pistols. In addition, these weapons were also produced in Hungary, China, Iraq, Yugoslavia, Egypt, Vietnam and Romania.

Makarov’s automatic pistol pleased the American expert with simplicity, which ensured his mass production in many countries of the world. The PM was built on a scheme that was also used in the German Walther PP. The gun received an open trigger, which allowed to remove the PM from the fuse and open fire, using only one hand. Another advantage of the pistol was its light weight – the PM was lighter than a TT gun at 130 grams.

In the mid-1990s, the Makarov pistol was replaced by a new Yarygin pistol, which was adopted as a standard weapon of the power structures under the abbreviation “Grach”, but also the Viking models were produced. The gun is a mixture of old and new designs, but he, according to the analyst, lacks fasteners for the laser and flashlight.

In Russia pistols are easy to maintain, durable and reliable. Perhaps they are not as aesthetic and comfortable as the modern American pistols, but when they are made, the emphasis is on functionality. This means that they will show themselves well in extreme conditions and in war
– the author of the article concludes, “RG-Sila” reports.

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